121 Booking

Welcome to our Booking Page

Here you will be able to book individual sessions with our Physiotherapists or small group sessions for 2 people. Select the appointment type that you are looking for and it will display the times these appointments are available. You can then select a suitable time. You will need to log in to request or register with us if you are new to our clinic.


Please note that appointments booked via the online booking system are only provisional. Once we have received your request it will be reviewed and confirmed via email. If we feel that it would be helpful to discuss things further we will contact you before confirming your appointment. Please ensure you include a contact number and an e-mail address (if you have one) when you register.

Types of Appointment


Consultation Before Attending a Class:

If you are looking to book your initial consultation before attending a class please select “Initial Consultation for Matwork Classes”

Personalised Pilates Session:

If you would like to have a personalised Pilates 121 session with one of our Physiotherapists please select “Individual Pilates Matwork Session” or “Individual Pilates Reformer Session”.

Physiotherapy Session:

We also have separate appointments if you are looking to book a Physiotherapy Session.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what to book. Just request the time that suits you and add a note, telling us your reasons for coming and we can sort it all out from there.