Pilates: 5 Minutes 5 Days

The Pilates: 5 minutes 5 Days Workout


Hi everyone, it’s Zoe. I am a Physiotherapist and I have been teaching Pilates for over 10 years and I love it! I can see how much it can help people keep moving, increase their flexibility and strength whilst having fun!

I  am always asked by clients what they can do to at home. So, I decided to launch FREE Online classes that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Being a busy mum of 2 and running a Business I understand how precious time is and finding time for yourself is never easy. We always seem to put everyone else first and then we squeeze in time for ourselves (if there is any left)

With that in mind and to start off our online classes, I thought of the 5 Minute workout. We all can spare 5 minutes a day to do some exercise and although it doesn’t seem like a lot if we did that every day it all adds up.


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So what is the 5 Minute 5 Days Workout?

Each day we will e-mail you with a link to a new 5 Minute Pilates Workout. The videos will include exercises that you can do at home without the need for any equipment. Some of the exercises will be in standing and some in lying. If you have a mat to lie on that is great but if you can grab a cushion or two that is all you will need.

As a Physiotherapist, I feel it is really important to get the right muscles to work, at a level you feel comfortable with. I often see exercises online that show very high level Pilates exercises. Now these can provide a fantastic workout but mastering the lower level exercises and activating the small stabilising muscles that support your back and spine is essential to start.


What will we cover?

Day 1:  Relaxation and Movement

 Day 2:  All about the Gluts

 Day 3:  Introducing the Core

 Day 4:  Stand up and Workout

 Day 5:  Putting it all Together


You will then be able to access these videos for as long as you want to, so you can do them whenever you get 5 minutes to yourself!

We really hope that you will join us in our workout series.


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