Beginners Pilates Videos

Beginners Exercises

If you are new to Pilates the beginners section covers our introductory exercises. It is designed to teach you the basics while increasing your awareness and control of the movements.


Welcome to our 5 Minute Exercise Series

These are quick exercises that you can try at home.

Balance in Standing –┬áSingle Leg Lift

This is a great exercise to work on your balance and control. Think about maintaining a level pelvis and not allowing your tailbone to tuck underneath you. If you want to work a bit harder do a few more repetitions.

Tip: What not practise whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil! That way you can do it little and often.

How to Mobilise your Upper Back

The first exercise is a mobilisation for the upper back. You can do this sitting on a chair instead of a gym ball if you prefer. It is a great exercise to do at your desk to stop you stiffening up!

How to Strengthen the Legs Part 1

This is our Simple Squat exercise. It is a great way to strengthen around the thighs and work the gluts. Remember to keep the weight into the heels and knees over ankles.

Pilates Side Stretch in Standing

This is a great mobilising exercise for the lower back and side. Tip: Keep even weight through your feet as you go into the stretch. That way you will feel kore of a stretch. It doesn’t matter how far you go, always work to your own level.

How to Strengthen around your Shoulders

This is a great exercise to work on your posture around your shoulders. Exercising with one foot in front of the other is a great way to work on your balance as well. Two exercises for the price of one!

Tip: Think about maintaining length through your lower back and don’t allow it to dip inwards as you exercise.