Welcome to our New Timetable

Updated June 2021


The following classes are taught at: Knowle United Reformed Church, Station Road, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0HN


Knowle United Reformed ChurchBeginners50 minsTuesday9.45am
Knowle United Reformed ChurchBeginners50 minsTuesday10.50am
Knowle United Reformed ChurchTBC - Coming September 2150 minsTuesday11.55am
Knowle United Reformed ChurchProgressive50 minsWednesday9.45am
Knowle United Reformed ChurchBeginners50 minsWednesday10.50am
Knowle United Reformed ChurchTBC - Coming September 2150 minsWednesday11.55am



The following classes are taught at: Shirley Institute, 25 Church Rd, Shirley, Solihull B90 2AX


Shirley Institute, ShirleyBeginners50 minsWednesday9.15am
Shirley Institute, ShirleyProgressive50 minsWednesday10.20am
Shirley Institute, ShirleyBeginners50 minsWednesday11.25am
Shirley Institute, ShirleyBeginners50 minsWednesday7.00pm
Shirley Institute, ShirleyProgressive50 minsWednesday8.05pm
Shirley Institute, ShirleyBeginners50 minsFriday9.45am


If you are new to our clinic please contact us directly before making your booking.

This is so we can discuss your aims for starting Pilates, go through your medical history and check the level of class that is most suited to your needs.


Booking a Block of Classes

Our classes are booked in blocks of 4 weeks so you are guaranteed a space in your chosen class for the duration of the block you have paid for. All payments need to be made in advance to secure your booking.  Please see our terms and conditions for more information.


Book Your Class

Booking an Individual Class (Pay as you go)

We do offer a limited number of pay as you go sessions if there are any spaces left, one block booking has been completed.