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Welcome to Physio 2 Pilates

Our mission is to create a relaxed environment where people feel comfortable and confident. A Specialist Pilates classes taught exclusively by Physiotherapists, helping people to manage their symptoms through exercise.

We strive to make a difference, supporting and encouraging you to feel more in control.


Classes are currently offered at Shirley Institute on Friday Morning as well as online through the week.

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Our Story


In 2012, I was working for the Pain Service as a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pain Management and I absolutely loved my job!  Helping people learn how to manage their pain and get moving again is so rewarding. We used Pilates a lot to help people to get back to exercise again. After an 8-week program, we encouraged people to continue exercising and so many people asked where they could find somewhere to continue Pilates.

The problem was there wasn’t really anything out there that met their needs. I feel that it is really important exercises are appropriate to the individual person, their injuries and their goals. Pilates is a fantastic way to work on movement, flexibility, balance and strength but one size doesn’t fit all. Having used Pilates, myself for a back problem I had experienced the benefits personally too.


Physio 2 Pilates was Born!!


Over the past 8 years I have had the privilege to work with hundreds of people to help them achieve their goals, many of them continue to attend our classes today.  I now work alongside a team of Physiotherapists who are excellent at what they do and I love every minute of it.


We would love you to join our growing community.



Founder, Physio 2 Pilates


What is Pilates?

You might have heard that Pilates works on increasing your “Core Strength”? Whilst this is true, Pilates has much more to offer than that and having  strength in our core, to support the spine, is not the whole picture. The way we move is really important as well as how our muscles function together. Pilates works on flexibility, posture and balance as well as getting us to think  about how we move. Focusing on breathing during the sessions can be a fantastic way to manage stress and aid relaxation.


What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Improved Flexibility

Improved Balance

Greater Awareness of How the Body Moves

Aids Relaxation and Stress Management

Helps to Reduce and Manage Back Pain

Improves Muscle Control and Co-ordination

Improves Posture

News And Blog

Visit our NEW Blog page. We will be keeping you regularly updated with all things Pilates. We would love you to let us know what you would like to hear about.

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I have been coming to Physio 2 Pilates for over 2 years now. I do 2 classes a week, a Mat class and a Reformer class. I had various aches and pains, nothing serious, but a lack of flexibility and get up and go.
Since doing Pilates the aching back, the tight shoulders and neck tension are a thing of the past and I generally feel fitter and more active. The Physios taking the classes know you and ensure you are cared for and that you exercise in a way that will not strain you but you will be challenged to do as much as you can do. As class sizes are small, they can adapt exercises to suit you. They are always encouraging and supportive. For the first time ever, I look forward to exercise classes and always have a greater sense of well being after a class. Not to mention being an inch taller after all the stretching!

Maggie, Solihull

I find these classes excellent, I like the fact that there are not large numbers of people. I feel the quality of the class is assured as the instructors are all fully trained and qualified Physiotherapists....everyone is able to work at their own level and injuries are taken into account.

Elaine, Solihull

Its good to find a Pilates class run by Physiotherapists who take such care to tailor the exercises to the abilities and physical problems of the individual class members, they also make it fun to be there!

Carole, Solihull

Sessions are rigorous and enjoyable.....and the personal attention we receive within the group is excellent. I cannot recommend this provision highly enough

AD, Solihull

Ive attended Physio 2 Pilates for over three years now and what a difference its made to me on a number of levels!

All instructors are all well trained, effective communicators and are committed to what they do. Class sizes mean the team gets to know the individual, and their capabilities, allowing them to tailor elements of the class to individual needs, if necessary.

Wholly recommended - theyre a great team.

Anne, Solihull

Its important to me that the Pilates instructors are all qualified Physiotherapists - they give individual attention to each and every one of us during the class - this makes me feel safe and supported whilst enjoying the very friendly atmosphere. I always feel better after my Pilates class!

Sue, Hall Green